Our premium organic soil enhancer enables plants to use all of the nutrients available in the soil and air to grow crops naturally, chemical free and with greater yields.

Grow Pro
Yield Increasing
Yield Increasing

Produces up to a 30% increase
in crop yields

Chemical Free
Chemical Free

Chemical and GMO free


We restore soil to full health,
providing long lasting nutrition


5kg Box serves 1
Hectare of Land


A viable price point

How Growpro Works

We provide the soil with free-living microbes, some of which contain symbiotic manners. Microbes with symbiotic manners work closely at root level to help the crop with nutrient uptake.

Once applied to the soil, the microbial network introduced by WellCrop products naturally multiplies and increases the health of the soil and plant, creating deeper and denser root systems.

By strengthening the health of the soil and helping the plant take in more nutrients, we increase growth and development without the need for chemical inputs.


Climate Smart

  • Chemical Free
  • 30% Water Saving
  • Soil Rejuvenating
  • Carbon Farming

Currently farmers rely on traditional chemical fertilizers which are expensive, inefficient logistically and have adverse long term effects on yields,
soils and the environment. With an estimated 9 billion global population by 2050, the world needs a climate smart alternative which allows farmers
to grow more and grow sustainably.

​Supplying billions of microbes at a time, we help farmers to improve soil fertility and increase carbon content.
We create a sustainable future with our organic soil enhancers and crop care solutions.


Crop Control

Crop Control

WellCrop's Organic Soil Enhancers naturally enhance the soil to create greater protection against pests.

When used in conjunction with our Crop Care products SafeGrow, our products provide complete biological protection.


Established Partners

Working with certified NGO's and Co-ops, we provide farmers across the globe with our revolutionary range of organic soil enhancers and crop care solutions.
Our Partners can vouch for the quality of our products and service.


" WellCrop products are incredible and a real game changer for farmers. "

Munshimbwe Chitalu, CEO

Agri Smart

" WellCrop products represent the start of an exciting new era for agriculture, not just in Africa but across the globe. "

Emil van Wyk, CEO


" Affordable, efficient and superior to any inputs my farmers have used in the past! "

Gulam Banda, CEO

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